DNA Tests: Expectation V Reality

Trinidad and Tobago FINALLY has it’s very own genetic ancestry testing and mummy’s sarcasm officially reaches the heights that I am an idiot!

3TT 26 OCT 2020

Good Morning! Your brand new week has begun! As we continue to battle the global pandemic of Covid 19- here is a short IGTV 3TT clip so you are on top of the latest headlines in Trinidad and Tobago. Sneak peak. The court ruled in favour of FIFA against the TTFA! Listen and watch here….

3 Strategies To Get Organised NOW

If you feel like one minute everything is flowing smoothly and you are 100% sure you have aced adulting and then all of a sudden, you are turning everything upside down……

LockDown Truth: BTS with SDD

Sounds like a normal routine for many, but for everyone else with SDO, you will understand this is a big deal, especially in such an upside down time of life.

Practice Delight

This does not mean you put on a plastic smile. It means you feel the emotion, anger, sadness, happiness, whatever it is just let it happen, then let it go. Look back and see where the lesson is , find the delight.

Four Words That Changed My April #nospoilers

The fact that May is already here is outrageous and beautiful! In celebration of a new month and the highs and lows of April, whether it be work, home or play, here is a roundup of the Monday Motivation posts that I gifted Instagram with. April was a pretty crazy month! From work, classes, opportunities,…

Trini Travel Thursday: Local Edition- Town

So with carnival coming let’s explore the basics of ground transportation in Port-of-Spain (hereinafter referred to as “town”), to be applied in and out of the best season ever in Trinidad and Tobago. Question: Have you ever traveled in Trinidad? If you are a veteran/ daily commuter or traveling from the days when a red…

New Video Alert: Documenting The Journey

Abundant Saturday! Here is a short short. I just posted a new video on YouTube. Content Includes My experience after taking the Trini Level Up Actors Workshop with actor Noel Arthur. A brand new band for Trinidad Carnival 2019 And a few other tidbits Click the link below! TriniLevelUp Enjoy! Remember EXPECT IMPERFECT Natalake