Trini Level Up! Actor’s Workshop!

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an amazing and STRESS FREE Saturday! Previous blogs have highlighted my love for the arts, but what they did not highlight was the battle it has taken to build confidence (this is ongoing) and the struggle to become a full-time actress. Let’s face it, we all need a side…

Morning Routine: It’s BASIC

headphones ( Because who wants to converse with strangers in a taxi- I do not really want to most of the time- sorry not sorry)

Top Cellulite Treatment Tips

I battle with cellulite everyday, and after spending way too many hours researching treatments, from DIY’s to expensive creams, I rounded up the best that have worked on me so far and were actually affordable.

Wardrobe Culture: Basics for Caribbean Life

I look forward to seeing the shift in our culture, when we will recognize that, while many spend their time finding the suitable office suit to sweat in, work an eight to four and pay taxes, the person they are working for is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

5 Exercises That Require NO Equipment & Work: Tried & Tested.

Happy Tuesday! Throughout my journey I have battled with numerous gym memberships, fad diets, fat burners and concoctions to lose weight. While many worked for a while, 9/10 times I ended up back right where I started. Especially while working on a budget that could not include a gym fee, a full schedule or travelling….

Monday Motivation: Make a Memory

Happy Monday! How many of you take pictures of almost every thing at every moment? I do, I tend to snap very random photos that at one time I would have hidden to do because I was so worried about what others thought. Then life happened. Grief + severe depression+ anxiety + OCD = waking…

What’s Really In My Handbag? A Backpack.

Firstly, on my daily routine, I do not carry a handbag. I prefer a backpack for numerous reasons. The main one being, my shoulder started to give way with all the weight of my handbag, regardless of shoulder switching religiously. Growing up I could never understand the mystery of older ladies handbags and the ADULTHOOD…

Morning Thoughts

Sending some love out of Trinidad and Tobago. Just a quick note today, to let you all know, I am sharing morning thoughts daily on @iamnatalake. Very short sweet and to the point! Only TODAY I will be sharing my thought here!   Wishing you a speedy day xx


Daily we are bombarded with the latest advertisements, listicles, podcasts etc that scream, “SPOIL YOURSELF”. So many times we may automatically take that to be the consumer notion of  “purchase, splurge, empty that bank account (unintentionally ofc!)”. But not all can do this with such reckless abandon. So in short, here are five tips to…