Welcome! I’m a callaloo

Callaloo: noun | cal·la·loo|

That is I am mixed with every ethnicity under the sun and I live in the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

My journey is far from over, from coming to live in Trinbago as a child, going through some amazing  experiences that tried and changed me. From starting one degree  and eventually settling on a law degree, my thirst for making an impact was not satisfied. Bringing joy to others by my passions is my true calling in life.

Today I am following my  passions and conquering health issues. Everything here is lifestyle, health and my favourite Inspovation™ . I love listicles, fitness, beauty,  performing arts, fashion and law….. to name a few. I love to write, because in my opinion, similar to performing, it is a way to reach out to the community, and if one life is touched, that is enough to make a difference in the world.

Everything is fast paced so you can read SIMPLE|QUICK|EASY™ posts.

If too long,  connect with me on my Instagram, which has evolved into a micro blog, with some original content daily, aimed at inspiring and motivating

If you would like to connect, do not hesitate to reach out

My goal, is to be the person I needed growing up.

Once you are here, EXPECT IMPERFECT!