Top Cellulite Treatment Tips

I battle with cellulite everyday, and after spending way too many hours researching treatments, from DIY’s to expensive creams, I rounded up the best that have worked on me so far and were actually affordable.

Top 5 Workout Pins! Bonus: Tiny Waist Guidelines

Remember, nothing happens overnight and a healthy diet is a key component to healthy, permanent weight loss, especially a lean midsection!

5 Exercises That Require NO Equipment & Work: Tried & Tested.

Happy Tuesday! Throughout my journey I have battled with numerous gym memberships, fad diets, fat burners and concoctions to lose weight. While many worked for a while, 9/10 times I ended up back right where I started. Especially while working on a budget that could not include a gym fee, a full schedule or travelling….

10 Things I am Grateful for: AUGUST

Welcome to my brand new monthly series! As a way of maintaining positivity, to bring further positive vibrations and blessings to myself and others, every month  I will be listing 10 things that I am thankful for. Family School Significant Other Creativity ( specifically that I am used as a channel to express and help…

Monday Motivation: Make a Memory

Happy Monday! How many of you take pictures of almost every thing at every moment? I do, I tend to snap very random photos that at one time I would have hidden to do because I was so worried about what others thought. Then life happened. Grief + severe depression+ anxiety + OCD = waking…

Morning Thoughts

Sending some love out of Trinidad and Tobago. Just a quick note today, to let you all know, I am sharing morning thoughts daily on @iamnatalake. Very short sweet and to the point! Only TODAY I will be sharing my thought here!   Wishing you a speedy day xx


Daily we are bombarded with the latest advertisements, listicles, podcasts etc that scream, “SPOIL YOURSELF”. So many times we may automatically take that to be the consumer notion of  “purchase, splurge, empty that bank account (unintentionally ofc!)”. But not all can do this with such reckless abandon. So in short, here are five tips to…

More Than A Hashtag

A few months ago I wrote a post on Choosing Joy and following your Passion. And I still believe it to be true. Though not noticeable to many, if any at all, over the past month or so  I slowly sank into a very deep depression. So much so it was only in the past few days,…

Favourite Alternate Exercises: Spicing It Up as a Solo workout Girl

In my blog post about PCOS, I wrote about weight loss, and how I incorporated exercise into my lifestyle. Today I want to go a little bit deeper and let you in on my secret. My favorite routines, programmes, and fitness enthusiasts. I have stopped being an avid gym buff- mainly because I need to become…


Follow my blog with Bloglovin PCOS is one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders. It is so common, that many times people are quick to dismiss any complaints of symptoms as ” Oh everyone has that, it is not a big deal.” That’s pretty frustrating for someone who suffers on a daily basis, and…